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"night watch"

Pix of the week:

A rattan bridge in Bac That province, N. Viet Nam

or you can view it in Vietnamlish.

This site has won "THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WEB" award on July 18th, 1997.

Quote of the Month:

"I came, I saw, I conquered, I bored, I left":-))

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Hey, thanks for checking out my webpage. It's been months now, eh, that i've finally get some time to really updating this page. Well, since then, I've really grown-up now, like totally dude, J/K. Anyways, I've made some changes, that you'll have to look closely to find out, hehe...And still no frames for this page, why? coz i want the index hits counter to keep increasing...It's been pretty good, i gotta thanks ya, btw. Well, this site will always be UPDATING, check the update page below to find out the latest. Aight, please sign the G-book when you're done visiting, thanks.

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This is my first website, built on July 7th, 1997. You are the visited this site. Hey, feelin' lucky today? This could be your lucky lotto #, if you turn out to win, don't forget me now ok ! :-))

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